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Your job is not to keep track of when employees come and go. Make tracking their attendance simple, easy and cost effective with PBIPayroll’s time and attendance solution. Say goodbye to lost data, lost time or lost money – our payroll and timekeeping solutions work together in a single point of entry.

System Highlights:

  • Dashboards Customized for Your Organization and Users
  • Dynamic Time Cards Instantly Capture Employee Time and Management Adjustments
  • Drill-Down Summary Sheets Provide Labor and Employee Exemption Information
  • Scheduling Includes Automatic Schedules and Easy-to-Use Editing
  • Extensive Data Filtering and Drill-Down Capabilities
  • Online Reporting
  • Extensive Pay Rules for Complex Policies and Compliance
  • Integration with Your Payroll and HR
  • Learning Centers Provide On-Demand Learning and Training

Optional Modules:

  • Leave Management Automates the Employee Leave Process
  • Seniority-Based Accruals to Calculate Employee Leave Time Incrementally
  • Activity-Based Accruals Awards Time Off Based on an Employee’s Work History
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) Empowers Employees with Their Own Labor Data
  • Incidents and Points to Enforce Attendance Policies
  • Coverage Budgets for Scheduling and Measuring Labor
  • Custom Report Writer
  • Capturing Employees’ Hours Has Gotten Easier with the Various Methods of Collections
    • Barcode Swipe Time Clocks
    • PIN Entry Time Clocks
    • Biometric Hand Reader
    • Magnetic Stripe Readers
    • Proximity Readers
    • Biometric Finger Reader Time Clocks
    • Telephone-Based Time Clocks
    • Online Timesheet
    • ESS Mobile App