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Processing Schedule

Our preferred method of payroll submission is online, though we have clients who prefer email. When necessary, we will also accept payrolls by fax or phone. However, when payroll data is submitted in a written, traceable manner, accuracy increases, efficiency is optimized and customer satisfaction is much higher.

Direct Deposit Payrolls

Submissions must be completed no later than 2 p.m. two banking days before the pay date.
If this is a Paperless Payroll, it will be emailed to you the same business day it was submitted.
If you require a courier delivery, delivery will be the next business day before 5 p.m.

Checks Only Payrolls

Submissions must be completed no later than 2 p.m. two banking days before the pay date.
This cannot be a Paperless Payroll as there are checks.
If you require a courier delivery, delivery will be the next business day before 5 p.m.
**If it is necessary to change your scheduled processing day for any reason, please give us as much advance notice as possible to ensure your payroll can be delivered when needed.

Payroll information received after 2:00 p.m. on your scheduled day is considered late. This may affect when you are able to receive your payroll and the day your checks are dated. The time your payroll is received is recorded. Please get your payroll to us on time.

If a next day direct deposit is required in an emergency, availability of funds cannot be guaranteed and there will be a $50.00 surcharge.

Billing Information

You are billed and debited for our fees each pay period.
Our invoices will provide details about direct deposit checks, employee and employer expense of taxes, agency checks, processing charge and any delivery/postage fees. Fees will be debited one day prior to the check date.


At PBI Payroll, we take great care with your confidential information. All information about your payroll is strictly confidential. Authorization is required regarding which individuals from your company may be given information about payroll matters. Please keep your authorized contacts updated.

Submitting Payroll Data

With each payroll you will receive a worksheet to record the needed information. Please verify all information for every payroll period. Your worksheet contains:
Department employees are currently assigned to
Current pay rate (optional)
Deductions and garnishments [including voluntary deductions] to be deducted from each check.

Hourly Employees

You must submit the number of regular and overtime hours to be paid for hourly employees. Please use decimal format when recording hours. If an hourly employee is not to be paid, write “0″ on the line next to the employee’s name.

Salaried Employees

Salaried employees are NOT automatically paid.
You must indicate that we are to pay them by circling the word “salary,” or inserting the salary amount, or writing the word “pay” next to the salary amount.
If a salaried employee is to be paid an amount other than their regular pay, please indicate the amount by crossing out the salaried amount and writing in the new amount. It is requested that you specify if this is a one-time occurrence or permanent change.
If a salaried employee is NOT to be paid, write “0” or “no pay” next to the salary amount.

Payroll Totals

If you are using our worksheet, please record totals at the end so that we can verify that our totals match yours. We will confirm each payroll is correct by comparing our totals to yours. If there is a difference, we will verify your calculation and call if there are any discrepancies. If totals are not provided we consider the worksheet to be incomplete and we will try to contact you to get the correct totals. Due to the timeliness involved with payroll, we may be forced to process your payroll, but cannot be held liable for corrections that may need to be made.

Additional Pay Information

Occasionally, an employee needs to be paid additional hours for holiday, vacation, sick pay, bonus, etc. Additional pay may be included in a regular paycheck or a separate check. The choice is yours.

New Hires

To simplify the process of bringing on new hires, our website has the forms a new employee is required to fill out. You are required by law to keep copies of the completed forms. For payroll purposes, we need only receive completed copies of the “New Employee Information” form and the “Direct Deposit Authorization” form.

If you have more than 5 new employees per payroll, please submit the new hire sheets at least 2 days prior to your payroll processing date so we can accurately get them into our system. Enter the employee’s name on the Input Worksheet and any hours or wages this employee may have accrued for the pay period.

Permanent Changes

The following is a list of permanent changes that should be reported to us with each payroll:
Employee Name (when incorrect, married or divorced)
Employee address
Social Security number (if incorrect)
Rate of pay
Change in withholding status
Amount of voluntary deductions (i.e. health ins., 401(k). This may be reflected as an amount or a percentage.
Near the end of each year, you will receive a report listing employees and their information. For the accurate generation of W-2s, you will be asked to review the data and send it back to us with any necessary changes.

Bank and Regular Holidays

Bank and regular holidays can affect your payroll schedule. Each year we will provide you with a calendar of your payroll submission and processing days for each payroll of the year. Please also see the calendar below detailing all PBI Payroll and HR Holidays.

2017 Calendar
Monday May 29 – Memorial Day
Tuesday July 4 – Independence Day
Monday Sep 4 – Labor Day
Monday Oct 9 – Columbus Day
Thursday Nov 23 – Thanksgiving
Friday Nov 24 – Day after Thanksgiving – XXX is PBI closed here???
Friday Dec 22 – Christmas Holiday- PBI Payroll will close at XXX
Friday Dec 29 – New Year’s Eve Holiday – PBI Payroll will close at XXX