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PBIPayroll adds three to its team

PBIPayroll, a national provider of payroll processing and outsourced human resources, recently added three new employees to its team: Andrea Relkin, Sandra Bamonte and Sheila McGarrigle.

Relkin joined PBIPayroll as a senior sales consultant in July advising companies on payroll and human resources needs. Relkin has been in payroll sales for 29 years and she attributes her success to knowing how to build and maintain relationships.

Bamonte joined the company’s Accounting Department team in August, specializing in office efficiency, analytics, accounting and profit-first methodologies. Bamonte has 15 years of accounting experience, of which six years is within accounting firms and nine years in private accounting. Bamonte is also active in the community and works with a NFP in her free time that supports the veterans on Long Island.

McGarrigle came on board in September and is focused on client services, marketing and lead generation. With over 15 years in business-to-business sales and marketing, McGarrigle achieved top ranking in sales, moved into marketing, initially based from Geneva, Switzerland, and is seasoned in lead generation techniques.

An award winning company PBIPayroll provides personalized and cost related options, and is designed to handle all your requirements through its service lines -payroll processing, outsourced human resources, Human Capital Management, and Administrative Services Organization, regardless of size or type of company.


Andrea Relkin


Sandra Bamonte


Sheila McGarrigle

PBIPayroll in Carle Place has three new hires.


Sandra Bamonte of Smithtown, an accountant, was an accountant at Ventura Air Services Inc. in Farmingdale.



Andrea Relkin of Lido Beach, a senior sales consultant, was a business sales officer at People’s United Bank in Hauppauge.



Sheila McGarrigle of Wantagh, a marketing manager was a marketing consultant at ImaCor Inc. in Garden City.


It’s Coming! PBIPayroll to Launch Website


PBIPayroll.com Site Reflects Robust Service Solutions

New York, November 6, 2017– It’s Coming! PBIPayroll Inc. is delighted to preview the launch of our updated website PBIPayroll.com. It is fully branded and full of features such as clear navigation, in-depth descriptions of all services, a wide-ranging online resource database, and ease of use.

“At PBIPayroll, our clients receive a high level of personalized service,” commented Joseph Giacinto, Managing Principal of PBIPayroll, “With this website we can provide timely and accurate data, from both internal and external resources.“

PBIPayroll customer, Anne Conte of Dickard Widder, agrees.

“I appreciate the range of payroll and HR information that PBIPayroll.com provides. The depth of information reflects their expertise in the industry, and gives us added peace of mind.”

An award winning company, PBIPayroll Inc. is a private payroll processing and HR company, working closely with companies nationally providing resources to help them grow their business. At PBIPayroll this means our company has been structured to handle all of your requirements including personalized and cost relationship options. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact info@PBIPayroll.com.

Contact: info@PBIPayroll.com
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Email: info@PBIPayroll.com
Website: www.PBIPayroll.com

Jonathan R.
Law Firm (25+ employees)

I have been in business for more than a decade. I have worked with a number of firms that offer similar services to PBI, but none consistently gives me the high service level that you do. Everyone on staff has such a strong attention to detail, is immediately accessible, and gives truly personalized attention. Thanks for everything you do!

Joe D.
Construction Company (100+ employees)

In our industry, our payroll changes every cycle based on season, weather and the size of the jobs we need to fulfill. We take great comfort in knowing that our paychecks are on time and accurate for our team. The time and attendance services help keep everything running smoothly and the staff at PBI help us whenever we have questions. We can’t thank you all enough for taking a headache and making it an easy part of our administrative things to do.

Katherine F.
Medical Practice (18 employees)

As the office manager for an active medical practice, I have a lot on my plate. I expect our payroll company to do their part accurately and on time. PBIPayroll never lets me down. But there is more. I could never have imagined the level of customer service, friendliness and care our practice receives from every staff person we deal with at PBI. It seems you have built these assets into the company’s culture and boy does it show! Thank you for making it easier for me to do my job and for me to get a good night’s sleep – even before payday.

Bob and Lily S.
Restaurant Chain (250+ employees)

We have several locations and a lot of employees, each with a unique schedule. We know our strengths and challenges. Handling all of the issues related to payroll is not among our strengths. We are better off creating and serving great food to our customers. We prefer to leave all of the administrative details related to payroll and HR to PBIPayroll. The team at PBI keeps us up to date and compliant with all our payroll needs. They are always on top of the details so we can plan new and exciting menu options. Thank goodness for PBIPayroll!