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PBIPayroll adds three to its team

PBIPayroll, a national provider of payroll processing and outsourced human resources, recently added three new employees to its team: Andrea Relkin, Sandra Bamonte and Sheila McGarrigle.

Relkin joined PBIPayroll as a senior sales consultant in July advising companies on payroll and human resources needs. Relkin has been in payroll sales for 29 years and she attributes her success to knowing how to build and maintain relationships.

Bamonte joined the company’s Accounting Department team in August, specializing in office efficiency, analytics, accounting and profit-first methodologies. Bamonte has 15 years of accounting experience, of which six years is within accounting firms and nine years in private accounting. Bamonte is also active in the community and works with a NFP in her free time that supports the veterans on Long Island.

McGarrigle came on board in September and is focused on client services, marketing and lead generation. With over 15 years in business-to-business sales and marketing, McGarrigle achieved top ranking in sales, moved into marketing, initially based from Geneva, Switzerland, and is seasoned in lead generation techniques.

An award winning company PBIPayroll provides personalized and cost related options, and is designed to handle all your requirements through its service lines -payroll processing, outsourced human resources, Human Capital Management, and Administrative Services Organization, regardless of size or type of company.


Andrea Relkin


Sandra Bamonte


Sheila McGarrigle

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